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ReCRED’s presentation in the Open Identity Exchange Workshop

The Open Identity Exchange (OIX) is a technology agnostic, non-profit, trade organization of leaders from competing business sectors, focused on building the volume and velocity of trusted transactions online. OIX enables members to expand existing identity services and serve adjacent markets. Members advance their market position through joint research and engaging in pilot projects to test real world use cases. The results of these efforts are published via OIX white papers and shared publically via OIX workshops.
An OIX/OIDF Workshop was held on the 24th of March 2016 in Amsterdam and was hosted by Verizon, an executive member of the OIX and a ReCRED partner. Christos Xenakis from UPRC was invited to participate in the Case Study Panel where current and future projects were discussed. There was a brief presentation regarding the ReCRED Research Project and the progress made so far.
The OIX enables the expansion of online identity services and adoption of new online identity products and works as a broker between industries, designing and testing business, legal and technical concepts, as well as developing pilot projects to test real use cases. OIX addresses and impacts the business industry, government agencies and the scientific community working on the field. 
ReCRED’s presentation attracted the panel’s attention, especially due to the employment and integration of important technologies, such as FIDO, OpenID Connect, Idemix and Mobile Connect. The presentation was followed by a very interesting discussion among the panel members, regarding ReCRED and the aforementioned technologies that are expected to lead the Authentication field in the coming years.
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