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ReCRED’s presentation in Infocom Security conference 2016

ReCRED’s presentation in Infocom Security conference 2016 - Κεντρική Εικόνα

The Infocom Security Conference is regarded nowadays as the most important annual event on Information Security in Greece and a reference point for the evolution in the field. Every year, since 2011, it has demonstrated a steady growth depicted by the attendance statistics, as well as the general acceptance by IT market professionals and the scientific and tech communities. The conference attracted more than 1500 attendees last year and was gladly supported by 45 sponsors.
The 6th Infocom Security Conference took place in Athens, on the 6th & 7th of April 2016,  under the motto “Upgrade your Knowledge – Protect Your Business” and aimed at highlighting the need for extroversion and boosting of the general knowledge in the field of IT Security.
UPRC supported the event and Christos Xenakis participated in the conference where he presented the ReCRED project and informed the audience regarding its concept and current state.
The Infocom Security Conference included presentations directly concerning all those working or interested in the field of Information Security, those working as executives or members of the staff in in-house ICT departments of enterprises or organizations, IT professionals or academics and researchers focusing on Information Security. 
The audience’s response to ReCRED was very positive. Over 500 people attended the presentation, including Information Security specialists, business professionals and young researchers who expressed their interest on the project asking several questions regarding its purpose and functionalities. Related material can be found on the following link: