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Student Authentication and Offers

The Student Discount Pilot will leverage the ReCRED platform to validate the business value of password-less device centric authentication and attribute based access control in a retail discount service model. 

In other words, after the pilot we want to be able to answer the question: Does the use of the ReCRED platform result in increased conversion for retailers offering targeted discounts to their customers, without extra complexity for the customers?

To achieve this, using the ReCRED platform with a discount service must provide benefits to the customer first and the service provider second.

The main benefit for students is that they can complete all transactions on their mobile device without invasive requests or extra steps before they can purchase an offer. By using ReCRED to check for specific attributes without disclosing them to the service provider, students can prove their field of study, the university that they study and much more. Students can receive any simple or complex student discount offer.

Service providers can increase the likelihood that a customer will purchase an offer by creating more complex targeted offers without increasing the complexity of the transaction. Additionally, service providers will benefit from substitution of physical loyalty cards for mobile apps and thereby obtaining rich purchasing and conversion data for the improvement of their discount offers. They will also see a decrease in the training requirements for staff as well as fraudulent use of discount codes.

The pilot will initially be executed in a semi-controlled environment at the Haagse Hoge School in The Netherlands, where students will perform the roles of both merchant and customer. This stage will be invaluable for collecting feedback on the end-to-end user experience from both perspectives without the need to impact an actual merchant service. 

At the same time, the ReCRED platform will be evaluated by business professionals from other service categories such as the pharmacy industry to provide an assessment of the transferability of the platform to other service models. 

After completion of this stage and subsequent adjustments to the pilot platform based on the feedback received, we will look to expand the pilot to include a selection of service providers to validate the pilot in a live setting with real customers.