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Deliverable D2.6 “Business and Technical Requirements (revised)”

Deliverable D2.7 “Reference architecture - revised”

Deliverable D3.1 “Description of DCA protocols and technology support”

Deliverable D3.2 “Multifactor authentication for DCA: user-todevice and device-to-network support”

Deliverable D3.3 “Description of DCA protocols and technology support (revised)”

Deliverable D3.4 “Multifactor authentication for DCA: user-to-device and device-to-network support (revised)”

Deliverable D4.1 “Identity Consolidator Baseline Platform”

Deliverable D4.2 “Full Identity Consolidator and Attributes Acquisition”

Deliverable D4.3 “Online identity and profile management”

Deliverable D5.1 “Specification and Initial Design of the ABAC Infrastructure”