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Deliverable D5.2 “Full Design and Prototype of the ABAC Infrastructure”

Deliverable D5.3 “Advanced Extensions: cryptographic attribute management, learning algorithms for complex ABAC reasoning, and privacy awareness tool”

Deliverable D7.1 “HCI concept testing on user groups”

Deliverable D7.2 “Campus-wide Wi-Fi and web services access control pilot set up"

Deliverable D7.3 “All Four Pilots Initial Setup & Progressing”

Deliverable D7.4 “All Pilots in Operation & End-User Assessment Report”

Deliverable D7.5 “HCI concept testing on user groups” (revised)

Deliverable D8.2 “Dissemination material including website”

Deliverable D8.4 “Second dissemination report”

Deliverable D8.3 “First dissemination report”