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Terms of Use


1. What is ReCRED?

ReCRED is an R&D project financed by the EU within the HD-2020-DS-2014 program and developed by a consortium of organizations (“Consortium” or “ReCRED”), which is the Site owner, with the following participants:


The objective of the ReCRED project is to design and implement mechanisms that anchor all access control (AC) needs to mobile devices that users habitually use and carry. It aims to build integrated next generation access control (AC) solution that satisfies the following properties:

  • It solves the following problems that stem from the weaknesses of the current authentication methods, namely: a) password overload, referring to the inability of users to remember different secure passwords for each one of their accounts; b) identity fragmentation, stemming from the fact that independent identity providers (email, social networks, etc.) create disjoint identity realms, making it difficult for end users to prove joint ownership of accounts, e.g., for reputation transfer or to fend off impersonation attacks; c) lack of real-world identity binding to an individual’s legal presence, e.g., id number, passport, etc.; and d) lack of support for attribute-based access control, which facilitates account-less access through verified identity attributes (e.g., age or location).
  • It is aligned with current technological trends and capabilities.
  • It offers a unifying access control framework that is suitable for a multitude of use cases that involve online and physical authentication and authorization via an off-the-shelf mobile device
  • It is attainable and feasible to implement in the existing products under the scope and timeframe of the project.2Why does ReCRED need a website?

This Site displays and promotes ReCRED project and allows User to download documents and presentations relating to the project. The Site also allows User to contact ReCRED for any question relating to the project. Please refer to ReCRED Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy for further information concerning processing of your personal data through the Site. Use of this website ("Site") implies acceptance of the provisions set out in these terms of use of the Site ("Terms of Use") by the user ("User"). Users who do not accept the content of the Terms of Use shall stop using and browsing the Site. Users shall use the Site in a way that conforms to the Terms of Use and all the applicable laws. The use of the Site cannot in any way entail the establishment of any professional relationship with the Users, even where the latter are involved in the publication of reviews, contributions, posts of any kind. ReCRED reserves the right to interrupt or suspend access or use of the Site for one or more Users, even without prior notice, where it considers that the Terms of Use have been breached or where it is necessary for reasons of security.

2 .How to use ReCRED’s material

The information, documents, presentations, material, and in general the entire contents of the Site ("Site Material") is the property of ReCRED. All of the Site Material is protected by intellectual property rights, including, for example, laws regarding copyright, patents, brands or other laws and international treaties regarding intellectual property rights. The copying, downloading, distribution, modification, creation of derivative works or extracts, publication or other use or exploitation of the Site Material without the prior written consent of the ReCRED, when such activity has not been expressly consented by the Site, is forbidden. The reproduction of Site Material for the purpose of sale, distribution for commercial purposes, or for a professional purpose, is also forbidden. These Terms of Use do not confer either on the Users, or to third parties, any right to use the Site Material without the prior written consent of ReCRED.

3. Access to third party content

The Site may include content created by third parties, information derived from public sources and/or links to external sites or websites managed by third parties as well as links to third party sites (collectively, "Third Party Content"). ReCRED exercises no control or monitoring over Third Party Content and does not assume any liability regarding the accuracy, safety or reliability of Third Party Content and cannot guarantee, and does not guarantee, that such Third Party Content is free of viruses or other features capable of damaging data and/or goods belonging to Users. It follows that ReCRED disclaims any liability to Users in relation to any loss and damages which might be incurred and which are connected to the use of any Third Party Content as well as any liability regarding the trueness, completeness and legitimacy of third party sites linked on the Site.

4. Disclaimer

ReCRED cannot in any way guarantee that the Site, including the relevant Site Material, services and features, will be free from interruptions, that every defect encountered on the Site will be rectified or that the use of the Site will entail a specific result. The Site and Site Material are provided in their current state and are available as is. Moreover, ReCRED does not recognize any guarantee, express or implied, including any guarantee of accuracy, completeness, non-violation of third party rights, marketability or suitability to a particular purpose. In any case, User can always contact for reporting technical issues and obtain incidents support relating to the use of the Site.

5. Limitation of liability

The information, documents and presentations regarding the project on the Site is intended and published merely for descriptive or informative purposes. The Site can modify or remove, temporarily or permanently, certain information and documents without providing any prior notice to Users regarding such modifications. To the extent allowed by the applicable law, ReCRED will not in any case be liable to Users for any damage or loss deriving from the use of the Site and/or the Site Material.

6. Pay attention to future changes of these terms

ReCRED reserves, at any time, the right to modify, in whole or in part, the Terms of Use. Users who do not accept such modifications shall consider whether or not to continue browsing; please note that use of the Site following the publication of the aforementioned modifications represents acceptance of the same.