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ReCRED Identity Cοnsolidator Service

Below you can find the RECRED open source repositories.

Repositories URLs

  • Service Provider - the source code for the Service Provider component of the ReCRED architecture
  • FIDO UAF - the FIDO UAF client and server components
  • Identity Consolidator - the source code for Physical Identity Acquisition, Physical Identity Verification and Storage API
  • User Device - the source code for the User Device and Face Recognition Application
  • Behavioral Authentication Authority - the source code for Behavioral Verifier Application and GAIT Collector
  • ABAC implementation - the source code for ABAC-Idemix and ABAC-Uprove
  • Identity Provider - the source code for the Identity Provider component of the ReCRED architecture

You can clone the repository to create a local copy on your computer using command

git clone [url]

Using these credentials

  • username: externalUser
  • VCS password: qwer1234